Are you looking for “how to grow Real Instagram Followers?” Then, No doubt you are at the right place. Before jump in with those 10 amazing tips to grow real Instagram followers, I want to be little descriptive about the “Instagram”.

Everyone knows this app needs no introduction yet for some of them who may be new to it. When Instagram was found it was just a basic photo-sharing app that allows users to upload photos & videos.

After its establishment in 2010, it speedily gains popularity with one million users in just two months. It was same as the other photos sharing app but advancement with the immense features gradually hit the user’s satisfaction. That makes it one of the serious content marketing, advertisement platform & audience boosting tools.

According to the 2014 Forrester study, Instagram has 58 times greater engagement than Facebook with 200 million active monthly enjoyers.

But the question is are they really authentic? So, if you’re reading this article you must really want to know how to get authentic followers for social, business, marketing, or any other purpose. Surely there are several shortcuts to gain followers either by buying it or using Instagram bots.

Will these inauthentic followers work for the long term? Surely no, As Instagram started an initiative to remove all the inauthentic activities form the app.
Meanwhile, to grow your Instagram account and make your business or brand stand out in this competitive world is not be easy as it was used to be.


instagram followers

In today’s era, social media platforms make people busy and connect them with each other. Where Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms.

Nowadays, Instagram is also used as a larger business platform because it has less competition and a huge audience than other social websites.

More than twenty-five million companies across the world are using Instagram for their business thrive.

Before working with users Mostly companies check their followers if they are authentic then they allow them to do marketing and selling their product.

How the users earn money from this?

Whenever the user’s account sells any product ultimately the user is going to collect a cut of the profits.

For establishing the business profile firstly you need to increase your Instagram followers though everyone knows no one wants to connect with a profile that has a less number of followers.

Basically more followers mean more fame and the bigger the fame is, the more profitable your Instagram account will be. These followers can gradually help you to succeed in your business.

here I come across some strategy tips you can try out to get real free Instagram followers on your profile.

•Set up a good profile & captivating bio
•Frame attractive content
•Be consistent
•Be innovative with captions
•Make use of Correct hashtag
•Plan & schedule posting time
•Target your rival’s Instagram followers
•Promotion on other sites
•Make collaboration with astonishing brands
•Run dare & contest

Get more Instagram followers #1 Set up a good profile & captivating bio.

Everyone knows “first impression is the last impression” so your Instagram profile is the pillar of your appearance on Instagram.

A well innovative profile is the main key to grow your audience. It should satisfy all the new visitors to hit the follow button.

Instagram bio

There is no doubt without captivating Instagram bio, great username & profile none of the users can recognize the purpose of your business or brand. It should be crystal clear to the viewers as they judge in seconds whether to follow or not by scrolling your feeds, bio, and profile.

Here’s what you can pay attention to your Instagram profile :

NAME– while presenting yourself, It makes sense to start with the name which should be easy to read. Add your real brand name definitely or a keyword that might help viewers to discover your account.

USERNAME-It is the only part of your Instagram profile that is searchable and your identity too. Make it search friendly or else uses a constant username across a social network to make it easy for people to find you.

WEBSITE-As it is the only place on Instagram where you can include a clickable link. (until you have 10000 followers). Make it worth by posting your newest important content (like your latest blog or a YouTube video).

BIO-It represents your brand or business and shows your new visitors who you are and what you do? It must be unique as it conveys your brand recognition. You can drive Instagram traffic by making it informative about your brand or using brand hashtags.

Get more Instagram followers #2 Frame attractive content.

Creative content is the key to grab a high-quality audience. Once you recognize what you wish your Instagram profile to precise visually, you’re able to start planning your content.

Before considering different types of content, give some thought to what you wish to attain together with your Instagram marketing, and set your prior goals.

like what does one want for your Instagram to precisely for you?Is your goal to hit more sales and engagement? Or are you expecting more followers?

Setting goals is vital because it informs the content you publish on Instagram. Now after you know what you’re working towards, it’s time to give some thought to content.

For content, additionally, consider what resources you’ve got for your Instagram marketing. what quantity are you able to invest in your Instagram content? Investing may well be anything that you just express through text, visuals, and whatever medium that Instagram allows.

If you create content that’s strategic and targeted, you may attract precisely the correct followers. They’ll care about your business, engage together with your calls to action, and be of great value.

Great content gets people to love, comment on, and share your posts. That engagement gives you an Instagram algorithm boost and helps you get more reach and new followers. Your goal is to tell, engage, and entertain them together with your content.

Get more Instagram followers #3 Be consistent.

Consistency plays an important role if you really want to make anything successful. This same agenda work immensely to grow your Instagram account.

Initially, people are full of enthusiasm and stay regular with their posts but at some sort of time, they lose the grip and so the followers.

Meanwhile, the more often you post (not too much) the more followers and likes you will get. Don’t forget your existing followers always want to see content from you this is why they followed your Instagram account.

The timing of your post, the niche, and nature must be consistent for the reorganization of your brand to Instagram followers. Find balance in posting if you don’t post regularly or lose balance on Instagram, no one is going to hit the follow button.

Here is what I suggest-
•Post at least one photo/video per day.
•Engage your Instagram followers by adding one or two stories daily.
•Upload IGTV videos.
•Be consistent with the theme of your feed.

Get more Instagram followers #4 Be innovative with captions.

Captions are the strongest tool that can be used to create a bridge that makes us feel nearer to your followers. The story behind the captions is to express the feelings of your images and videos that you are going to post.

A lavish caption will stop the scroller on your track and longer the scroller takes time to read your caption will make them busier with your post which results in better rank according to the Instagram algorithm.

So, the question arises on how to write a good Instagram caption?

Always remember a good & innovative caption can make people crazy towards your post. There is a number of possibilities that users see your post and pass on but they will stop and see your post because of the caption you write.

Instagram Caption
Instagram caption

Write a caption that highlights a point on your post and helps you to engage users towards your post as well as encourage them to like, comment, share, and even visit your website.

Many users are also confused with the length of the Instagram caption.
The solution is, it depends on you that how many paragraphs you need to express your words. From my perspective keeping the caption short without drawing it out unnecessarily is better or else if you can make your words in a single note go for it.

Try the “micro-blogging” way to write the caption. It is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your followers.

Get more Instagram followers #5 Make use of correct Hashtags.

Instagram hashtag

Instagram has capable of plenty of changes since its release. But, one thing that has remained in tune is that the importance of Instagram hashtags. Users are slightly less profound to use Instagram hashtags because they’re unaware of its superpowers.

A correct hashtag can really help your content to induce discovered. in keeping with the Instagram statistics, A post with one Instagram hashtag explores average 12.6% time more engagement than a post without a hashtag.

So, using the Instagram hashtag as an approach helps you to plug your brand or business and stand it go into this competitive bustle.

However, It’s in one amongst the simplest ways to realize quality followers on your Instagram account. The Instagram hashtags facilitate you to enhance your post and traffic rates. The genuine the hashtags are the easier you’ll put your posts among your audience, whether or not they haven’t joined with you before.

IF you’re still perplexed about the right use of hashtags. I’ve got featured below a number of the most reasons –

BRANDING-If you initiate a brand or business account on Instagram, you’ll use hashtags to reinforce your audience and increase brand awareness.

For branding, your product hashtags play an important role. Confirm that the hashtags you’re visiting use will depend upon what space your business conduct.

Whenever anyone scrolls your brand, they’ll see the relevant popular hashtags you’re using or once they search exact hashtags, they’ll see your branded posts within the outcome. Because the result your brand adds on the foremost popular hashtags.

This may increase followers and your engagement on Instagram. With this, you can add some more popular hashtags which may increase no of followers.


PROMOTION-Hashtag plays a vital role in promoting your business. This can be one amongst the most reason hashtag gained such a lot of valuation. It helps a marketer to focus on his customer. “When it involves the promotion of your post, think about hashtags because of the ‘word-of-mouth’ technique.”

In other words, after you post a few promotions, then your followers will use that similar hashtag, then their followers will use the identical, and so on. Hashtags create great visibility for campaigns and facilitate you to succeed in your audience by using similar hashtags that you just know your audience is already using.

Get more Instagram followers #6 Plan & schedule posting time.

Plan your post in advance allows you to work effectively. pre-planned and well schedule posts apparently give better results than expected.

But, Is pre-planning and best timing to post really works on Instagram performance?

The answer is yes, it’s not just enough to focuses on the Instagram hashtag and using best filters. However, the timing of your post is equally important.

The timeliness of a post is one of the crucial factors in the Instagram algorithm. When your followers are most active this considered the best time to post.

While Instagram insight feature (for business account) at your profile easily helps you to learn more about your Instagram follower’s active metrics or alternatively you can use Instagram analytics tools like HypeAuditor or crowd fire to find the best time for your post.

Get more Instagram followers #7 target your rival Instagram followers.

The most effective and easy way to gain undiscovered Instagram followers in your account is targeting your rival’s followers. It is a simple way to branding your product more and more.

As you already know what type of business you are going to do so finding its competitor on Instagram is not a hard task…

Here I can explain to you in 2 simple steps

Step-1 search your competitors who already have a huge no of followers then just start hitting the follow button on its followers.

Step-2 go on a daily check to your competitor’s profile, scroll their feed and find out the more active followers (you can have this by checking comment section) then go ahead, hit the follow button, and like or comment on their post.

However, These steps not only give you an engaging audience but can give you more ideas for your business too. While One thing you should keep in mind to follow 50 users per hour if you try to follow more you’ll be no longer to access your Instagram account at that particular time.

Gain more Instagram followers #8 Promotion on other sites.

If you really want to boost your Instagram with numerous followers, you need to make it easy for user’s to discover you.

This can only be done by promoting your Instagram account on various social networks or else think about how your other marketing channels like your website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can lead the engaging audience to your Instagram page.

Cross-promoting your Instagram content to your other online channels can guide your existing followers of other platforms to hit the follow Button (as they already know about your brand or business). Even one can have a new engaging audience if they’ve found you on any other network.

Meanwhile, Promoting your brand hashtag on other social profiles is not a bad idea though to discover yourself with a new audience. However, the more users you engage the better the return.

Get more Instagram followers #9 Make collaboration with astonishing brands .

collaboration tips

The power of collaboration in business is great! It is alike to promotion.

Collab with brands or influencers that has loyal followers it will result in new and engaging audiences to your Instagram account. And of course, beware of fake traffics!

Collaboration can be for anything a product or for content. You can easily host a blogger or brand influencer to grow your Instagram follower. While Instagram story takeovers found one of the fastest ways to collab on Instagram.

It is the simplest process of taking over someone else’s Instagram stories for a short duration of time. So without any waste of time find a blogger or brand influencer who can work well with your products and helps you out in growing Instagram followers and your business.

Get more Instagram followers #10 Run dares & contests.

This is found as one of the most effective ways to increase Instagram followers.
Nowadays people follow trends.

Though running contests, challenges, or dare as a tool strategy to gain Instagram followers is not a bad idea! Meanwhile, it engages connectivity with other Instagram users.

To hit the highest numbers of users, partner with another Instagram account on the contest which gives more eyeballs to your Instagram account and attracts the user’s to hit the follow button.

Basically, it creates brand awareness and will help you to drive more traffic to your profile and ultimately to the website.


Here I come across with some ideas try out to grow Instagram

•Like or comment to win a contest.
•Photo caption contest.
•Tag people.
•Dp battles.
•Question/answer template.
•Instagram stories contest.
•Voting contest.

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if you want to know pro’s and con’s of social media tap this.


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