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You know what building High-Quality Backlinks is one of the prominent and effective way to increase both SEO ranks and traffic.

Yes, you heard it right!

Building High-Quality Backlinks on a consistent basis can improve your SEO and website authority. When you get other quality website links to your website, that means it’ll send positive signals to search engines crawlers to rank your website higher in search engines.

Usually, Google prefers to rank high to those websites that have links from high Domain authority websites.

Excellent! You’re finally aware of the power of Backlinks.

So if you’ve set your dreams high to appear in search results first page. you need to create more and more quality Backlinks for your website.

Generating quality Backlinks is a bit difficult but of course not impossible..right? you just need to be smart enough to get high-quality backlinks for the website.

Today, in this article you’re going to learn How to generate Quality Backlinks for the website. Here I’ve reveal 7 proven smart strategies to solve your biggest problem.

Firstly, let’s bang on to basics before we dive into those 7 proven strategies.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are widely known as incoming links to a website. In simple words, we can say, when one particular website links to any other website it’s called Backlink. However, the more Backlinks you have from trustworthy sites, the more positive effect you get on site’s ranking and search visibility. There are two types of Backlinks Dofollow & Nofollow, both play an important role in the aspect of ranking, SEO & gaining traffic.

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Why you should aim for High Quality Backlinks over Quantity?

high quality backlinks

Let’s take a quick moment to discuss what’s more important? Backlinks- high quality or quantity.

You might think that the more links your website have, the better.

And that’s true!

But only if they are coming from reliable and trustworthy sites.

High-quality Backlinks are highly beneficial for Domain Authority, SEO ranks, and of course for boosting traffic. Here, you don’t need to worry at all about hurting your rankings by unintentionally building Backlinks with a spam website. Most importantly they are reliable and trustworthy.

Whereas one can quickly and easily build a quantity of Backlinks. If we link to too many websites that may have low Domain Authority which can automatically hurt your website rank. However, you also have a higher risk of accidentally building Backlinks from spammy websites.

Link from low-quality sites or from spammy websites can actually harm your chances of ranking well.

So, focus on high quality when you build links to your website instead of quantity, all of those links are valuable and earn credibility with search engines.

7 proven strategies to Build High Quality Backlinks

#1. Publish High quality & evergreen content

high quality backlinks

Do you know the content on your website has a great influence to attract high-quality Backlinks?

Yes, That’s true!

High-quality content or top-notch content can naturally attracts Backlinks. There is no other way around it if you want Backlinks organically from top publications sites.

All of the content published on your website must be of high value & quality to attract quality Backlinks. Basically, it represents your brand & organization as a whole.

Think about it for a while!

If your website pages look like good for nothing or lack of helpful/ useful information. Would any trustworthy sites wanted to build relationships with you or they found worth linking to your website?

No, of course!

Don’t worry! Here I’ve a few tips to create quality content that can generate high-quality backlinks to your website.

Original research– Start creating content based on original research. You can conduct surveys or can produce case studies for this. Focus on more originality that can’t be found on other sites. When you publish content that has original stats & data, usually other high DA sites will found interested to link back to your content.

Craft comprehensive resources– One of the effective ways to build high-quality Backlinks is to produce comprehensive, detailed, ultimate & in-depth guides.

Evergreen content– High DA websites often like to link to those websites that offer long-term values or timeless information that are less likely to expire.so, start building evergreen content on your website to encourage more Backlinks.

Utilize skyscraper technique– The easiest way to attract authority Backlinks to your website by proven skyscraper strategy. It can help you to bring quality Backlinks & organic traffic to your website.

Follow the 3 steps, to do it!

  1. Start finding articles that are most popular in your industry which are getting tonnes of traffic.
  2. Make it more better than that, offer detailed, helpful, and compelling guides.
  3. Engage in promoting to the right people to reach out to a wider audience.

#2. Craft infographics for High Quality Backlinks

Infographics are another prominent way to bring both traffic and high-quality backlinks to your website. Meanwhile, they can entice readers and also easy to understand.

Nowadays everyone loves visual data, so demand for infographics has increased much. Publication websites like The verge & mashable are publishing infographics considerably and the good thing about it is readers also love them. It can drive huge traffic from social media as they are extremely shareable.

So just start making viral infographics on trendy topics and also on what people are looking for. You can build infographics with the two most popular graphic design tools like canvas or piktochart.

If you’re not from a designer background, then you can hire someone to create infographics for your website at $5 on Fiverr or you can use dribble for professional designers to craft better-looking infographics.

Once you’ve crafted and published it on your sites, now you can submit it to some of the popular infographics directories. And also outreach to the right audience to look at your fresh published infographics. If they liked it, then they will be much interested to link it to your website.

#3. Take advantage of Guest posting

high quality backlinks

You know what Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to reach out to the new audience. Also, It is a proven technique for building high-quality Backlinks. When you publish ultimate articles on other popular websites, then you’ve more chances to get your articles in front of the right audience. It not only provide you high-quality Backlinks but also increase your online presence & reputation.

However, the Guest posting also helps you to build and grow your email list and found a great strategy for new domains to gain Backlinks. There are many popular websites like ProBlogger that accept guest posts and helps you to get more and more Backlinks for your website.

Use google to find websites that are accepting guest contributors by key terms:

  1. your keyword + submit your content
  2. your keyword + GuestPost
  3. your keyword + become a contributor
  4. your keyword + intitle: write for us
  5. your keyword + write an article
  6. your keyword + become an author

#4. Spy on your competitors and replicate their best backlinks

The first place to do your backlink research is your competitors Backlink profile, you can maximize your link opportunities out of it. If you’re serious about getting your website on search result first page, then just stay up to date with your main competitors. Get a list of your competitors Backlinks and try to replicate their best ones. It is one of the smartest link acquisition strategy that you can use to actually get High quality Backlinks for your website.

So just Spy on your competitors and grab their link-building or earning technique. Get Started it from now onwards! It’s not that hard, there are plenty of tools available to find out the sources of your competitor’s Backlinks.

You can start doing it by choosing your top 5 competitors who are ranking on top for your main keyword. They surely have high-quality Backlinks and better link profile as compared to your website.

Once you’ve selected which top competitors to spy on, then it’s high time to analyze their Backlinks. You can easily replicate it by Monitor backlinks or other SEO tools. I use Monitor Backlinks to do it, add your top competitors into the monitor Backlinks, Utilize the metrics to determine which Backlinks are worth replicating. Never replicate all of them as every site may have bad links too.

Whenever you get a list of competitors Backlinks, try to understand their tactics how they got that link. Suppose if they got from guest posts, send a request to become a contributor on the same site. Or they got it from review by blogger, the try to offer the best deal for that similar review.

#5. Find 404 error

One of the effective ways to build high-quality Backlinks is the broken link building technique. In other words, it’s just a simple technique that involves contacting a webmaster for reporting about broken links on his/her websites. These links are commonly found at resource pages.

Even well-maintained high DA websites too suffer from broken links. That leads to 404 errors which ultimately provides a poor user experience. Not only this it also Makes it difficult for search engines to crawl over websites.

Meanwhile, these broken links can increase the bounce rate and push search rankings down. So of course, nobody wants these broken links on their websites. They all want to rectify it.

This strategy requires some bit of work, but of course, it’s quite the safest way to earn high-quality Backlinks. What you need to do is:

  1. Use tool “Check my links” to find broken links from the websites you want to earn Backlinks from.
  2. Once you’ve found out the dead link, then identity the content that site is linked to. Your next work is to reach out to the site owner & notify him/her about that broken link.
  3. At last offer the site owner a good chance to replace 404 errors with a valid link relevant to the content.
    Surely that content will be available on your site too. So ask that blog owner to replace it with your link.

#6. Outreach & Promote your ultimate content everywhere

The above strategies help you organically to earn quality Backlinks. But if you want to generate more quality Backlinks to your website, then you need to reach out to other reputable websites and bloggers. Make sure that you only reach out to authoritative sites that worth your time & effort.

The more bloggers you reach out, the higher the chances of getting High quality Backlinks.

Well, this is not enough!

you must have to promote your content extremely to help others to find your content to link it back. As Great articles Won’t get you Backlinks easily if no one knows about its existence. So do your best to find out people who are interested in linking to your websites.

Here are plenty of avenues you can use;

  • Send your published high-quality content to your all email subscribers.
  • Share it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Contact reputable websites and. bloggers whoever running weekly or monthly roundups. link roundup is probably the easiest way to build high-quality Backlinks.

#7. Link building through interviews

Link building through online interviews are hot right now, and a great way to get high quality backlinks to your website.

There are tonnes of websites and bloggers available in any niche that run interviews with experts.

You know what Getting interviewed by experts can:

  • Attract high quality Backlinks mostly Dofollow links.
  • Improve your brand or organization online presence.
  • Get more and more traffic to your website

Impressed! Now want to know how to get interviews in order to build high quality Backlinks.

One of the best ways to get interviewed by experts is to reach out to them. Yes, if you’re quite unknown to be invited, then Don’t worry reach out by yourself and pitch the interviewer on why they should interview you.

Also, Websites like HelpAReporter and ProfNet offer interview opportunities to connect to journalists. These opportunities help your website to increase its online presence as well as score high quality Backlinks.

Final words
Getting high quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging, but you can easily earn it by using the above-proven strategies. If you find this post useful please don’t forget to share the post
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