Earn money online! Does these word sound tickling? Or it makes you feel little confused about how people all around the world getting rich and some are still keep on doing struggle. Well earning money is everyone’s dream and of course we do hard work for it. But have you ever thought about earning money out of the box and set your own long term plans usual than others? Your answer of this question is of course the internet.

To Earn money online is a coolest and easiest way ever that can be started just with a bit of investment. Earn money online is a lot fun when you work creatively and keep your patience on.

I can tell you with my experience that it took me more than six months to learn all the very breach to make money online from my screen. Yes, during that period I worked damn hard and my earning was equals to nothing.

I’m telling you this already because if you think internet can give you instant money with working hard trust me you are not at a right place. But, this same internet can give you a long term secure earning source just in no time by putting smart efforts. Now, I’m sure you all really wants to know how to earn money online?

So, Here are some 7 amazing & effective ways to earn money online-

Earn money online #1. Start blogging as a side hustle

Blogging is one of the most prominent way to make money online. And of course, a side hustle too! It is a kind of Using your great writing skills in an effective way for topping your monthly income.

Although, It is a very low investment way to earn money online. All you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection. While the internet has made blogging mainstream which automatically opens several door of opportunities. If it is executed properly then surely it will give you relief from your boring 9-5 office job.

Before proceeding to how to do it? How blogging makes money?let’s just be a little descriptive about blogging”.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a simple way of sharing experiences, knowledge & opinion with others through a medium( like a website). Meanwhile, it is a set of numerous skills one needs to run & control a blog.

Why you should initiate Blogging?

Blogging has rapidly become one of the most popular ways of conveying and spreading information and news. So, it enables you to reach billion of internet users. Although, it is a good market strategy to make your website or business visible and searchable. It creates business opportunities and generates traffic and quality leads to your website and business. And the best reason for doing blogging, you can make money through it!Well now, we are very clear with blogging & why one should start blogging.

So, We can dive on “how to start your own blog” keep in mind to be a successful blogger you should be passionate about your niche.

How to start your own blog in just 8 simple steps.

Steps to make money online

#1 Decide your blog’s niche..

#2 Select a good domain name for your blog.

#3 Find a best web hosting company & register your domain.

#4 Install WordPress as your blogging platform.

#5 Set up your blog’s theme.

#6 Install best WordPress plugins for your blog.

#7 Create content for your blog and publish.

#8 Promote your blog.

If you want to know these step in-depth tap this

So far we have discussed what blogging is? How to start it? Now, let’s come to the main point on how one can make money from blogging?

How to monetize your blog?

There are numerous ways to earn money from blogging. Most importantly what you really need to earn money from blogging is consistent traffic. So, the primary goal should be more focused i.e generate traffic through good and SEO friendly blog(focus on keywords while writing content).

you can look over this guide on how to write SEO friendly blog

If it is SEO friendly then only google show your blog post on its top pages. Once you’re done with quality visitors( more than 3000 monthly)you should really think about how to earn money from the blog. It can make your side income $10,000 per month, just be focused and little patient.

Here, I have listed some ways you can use to earn money from the blog

•Google Adsense

•Sell your own digital products

•Use Affiliate marketing on your blog

•Start an E-commerce business

•Brand collaboration

•Host a paid Webinar

•Earn money by flipping websites

•Sell sponsored blog post

•Give freelance services

•Paid to write review

•Sell your blog’s newsletter space

#2. Google AdSense


There are several ways to monetize your website traffic, many advertising programs help you to earn money online, but the most prominent is GoogleAdSense. If you ever visited any website, you’ve seen Google ads, and earning money online from it is just simplest. Meanwhile, it is the safest & secure means to generate income online.

GoogleAdSense provides a big platform for publishers or bloggers to earn money from their unique and interesting content. Every year google pays more than $10 billion to its publishers. However, it’s is a free legitimate program by google to register that gives you the easiest way to display relevant Google ads on your website.

Now the curiosity will arise in your mind what is Google Adsense, and how it works and makes money?

Here’s the following article which will give you some hints.

What is Google AdSense?

GoogleAdSense is an advertising placement service by Google for publishers& bloggers to make money online. It was launched in mid-2003 and has a higher level of transparency for both advertisers and publishers. It shows ads on your website related to your content.

How AdSense works?

It’s a quite simple process with certain requirements that you must meet before applying for AdSense. They are followed as:

•you need to have a website to apply on AdSense.

•you must be 18years or above in the age.

•your website must have at least 100 unique visitors per day.

Now, create an AdSense account, insert a few lines of codes into your website pages. Here you go, now Google AdSense will start showing ads based on your content or to user’s previous searches.

As a publisher or blogger, Most importantly you need to focus on driving more traffic to your blog. However, the more the traffic the more you’ll get paid as well, whenever the visitor clicks on ads shown by AdSense. Here, revenue is generated per clicks or per-impression basis.

Tip-Do not ever try to cheat Google by artificially increasing the number of clicks. However, Google has a very accurate system to identity click fraud.

How much you can earn money from AdSense?

Earning money from AdSense is completely dependent on many factors such as quality of your website, content, set up of your ads, and most importantly traffic. It’s hard to say the exact amount one can earn from Google AdSense. But,there are people around the world who make $50 per click. Despite the fact affiliate marketing pays them more than AdSense.

#3. Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for

When we come to earn money online, Affiliate marketing is a very easy approach that could be done by anyone. For affiliate marketing, you need not belong to any technical background, graduation degrees, and an age group. Anyone can start affiliate marketing you just need one laptop and internet connection to be an affiliate marketer. 

So let’s just move to what affiliate marketing is?

Affiliate Marketing

Earning a commission by marketing another person’s(or organization) products is known as Affiliate Marketing. It is a very simple strategy you just select the product you like, then start marketing that product to others and get a commission of product you sell.

Every branded company like Google, Amazon, Ola, Zomato, Apple have affiliate programs. where no money charged by these companies to join his affiliate program. You just select the brand and start promoting their product and earn commission on a product that you sell.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In affiliate marketing three parties are involved, we can explain one by one if you are a beginner stick to the paragraph…


2.Affiliate Network


Merchant- The merchant is also known as the Trader, brand, seller, operator, or maker. That creates a product and gives you the unique link so that they can track easily who was behind for the sale of this product. It can be a big organization that produced physical objects(household products etc) and single individuals like who give online education.

Affiliate Network- An affiliate network join connection between the merchant and the affiliate. It can help in business to build a database of contact information of targeted customers. In the digital world affiliate network consist of companies that team-up with the affiliate for promoting and sale their products.

However in an easy word, one can say a group of companies use affiliate network sources to connect with the third party to promote and sell their products.

Affiliate- The affiliate is also known as the publisher. it can be either individual or the entire company. That promote the product to get customers that it is beneficial to them and persuade them to take the product. If the customer does end up taking the product, the affiliate earns a commission from that product.

Affiliates usually have a very precise audience to whom they promote, usually adhering to that audience’s interests. This generates a defined niche or individual brand that helps the affiliate captivate the customers who will be most expected to react on the promotion.

How to start it?

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing, but I can explain the easy one to start affiliate marketing and earn money online.

1. Create a Blog or a website.

2. Select the proper affiliate network like Amazon affiliate, Ola, Zomato, etc and then niche down.

3. Research the product before selecting it.

4. Consider purchase the product before promoting it.

5. Start promoting that product on your blog, website or on a social media.

How much money you can make?

Earning through affiliate marketing is very easy you just select the product and start promoting that product but it takes time and patience to convert your income from 0$ to 1000$.

It is up to you how much you dedicated and loyal towards your work your blog or a webpage. how much time you are given on your page. Because consistency and patience is very important here 

Advantages to start Affiliate Marketing.

 –No need for any kind of space, to go offices to start the affiliate marketing,   you can work from home and by own. Low investment to start, just one laptop or desktop and internet connection.

No fixed working time you can work on your time.

There is no time limit to complete your work.

#4. Become a Freelancer-Make money online

If we talk about earn money online freelancing is a very popular way to earn. Freelancing is a platform where a lot of companies offering a task for a freelancer in very good pay. You just need to create your freelancing account and search through the listing and apply for the work that suits you.

In easy word a person who works as a writer, designer, programmer, developer, marketer, etc who doesn’t bind for a company for the 9 to 5, but hired by different companies for a certain project. It is usually considered to be self-employed and have the freedom to select their desirable project and organization they would like to connect with.

How to start freelancing?

Step1: Decide which skills you are good at

To be a freelancer you first examine yourself that which skills you are perfect because every type of skill can be converted into freelancing opportunity. i.e If you are good at web design you will start your freelance developer business.

Step2: Create your profile

It is one of the best methods to attract the companies by your profile. you should be clear by your profile that what type of services you offer, the best. Not only helps you to brand yourself it will allow you to control how the client recognizes you and give you the opportunity.

For example, if you are good at web developer then show your project in your resume that which type of project you have done, and how much experience you have so, its attractive to your potential client.

Step3: Create your high-quality portfolio site

 A lot of clients rarely interested in your certain qualifications than in a reveal ability to do the job. They want to see your work and decide whether you’re perfect for their certain project.

So, the motive of your portfolio is to educate, spark interest, and convince clients that they’ll want to select you for their needs and it helps you to develop your business and in fact, you shouldn’t start your freelancing business until you have the high-quality portfolio.

Step4: Search project and start bidding

Earn money online through Freelancing It actually starts here. A lot of projects and events in the different sections are posted each day. Search the project you want to do on by regularly checking the Jobs page. In the jobs page, you’ll see suitable projects open for bidding. forgetting the project you should simply submit your bid and take entry.

Before submitting your bid, make sure to write a strong reason why the client should choose you over anyone else.

Step5: Work and earn

 This might be the last step but the most important step. Before starting work, make sure that both you and the client are line up in terms of project scope, deadlines, and Payments so the chances of rising issues will be decreased. You can also ask him for a signed agreement in place to confirm the deal because you and the client both are clear with the term and condition before start business.

 you may be too excited to start doing the project, but keep your excitation level down and focus level high.

Once the project is given, make sure you impress your client by the way of your work and being punctual when they communicate to you. you should update your client where are you working right now from time to time that’s make better understanding in between you.

you can also ask him for your feedback after submitting your work to them that helps you to increase the quality of your portfolio.

why Freelancing?

•There is no time limit and no need to bind you to 9 to 5 job time, you can work any time you want.

•There is no restriction of place for work you can do anywhere according to your comfort.

•Earning money from freelancing has no limit. you can make as much money as you want. the more you work, the more you earn.

 •You don’t need to face the same boss every time, In short, you are your own boss comparatively than an employee.

#5.Online Trading in stock market

Online Trading in the stock market is also one of the biggest platforms to earn money. However, it isn’t necessarily an easy way. Meanwhile, it needs little investment approx ₹5000-₹10000 to start it. When it gets started and you learn how to do it properly and safely, you can double or triple your income.

Almost every people in the world have the habit of savings but they are not sure that if they invest it in something then will it be safe or not.

however, they’re not even aware of how their saved money can help them to double their income. Nowadays, Investment is very crucial as savings alone are not sufficient to fulfill all our goals.

Now the question arises where should you invest either in stock market or bonds or either in funds or in buying property???

Usually, the best option for investing your money is the stock market. You can do it for short or long term returns. Trading in the stock market is less time consuming and most importantly you can trade all by yourself.while trading in the stock market results in higher returns. If you’re an experienced trader, you can make more profits that you can’t even imagine.

Meanwhile, you need not hire an expert to begin online trading, mobile trading apps have made things easier for a trader to frequently buy or sell stocks to achieve faster returns.

How to Start Trading

Whether you want to start trading or want to invest in the long term, you’re in need of few things. They are listed below

1 Saving account

2 Trading or Demat account

3 Computer or any other appliance

4 Internet connection

For opening a Demat account to start trading stocks, necessarily certain documents are required like your Aadhar card, pan card,2 passport size photo & a canceled cheque. Now let us begin with what you shall do to trade in the stock market.

Here are some few points to begin with;

1. Set Financial Goal

•Before trading in the stock market you should set a goal that how much money you should invest in it. You must invest some money and keep the rest cash handy for emergency purposes.

•If you are starting investing then it should be goal-based, set a goal it may vary from time and might be anything like to invest for retirement, higher education, short term profit, buying a car or asset Etc.

•After knowing your goal you may decide how long you will need investing in share.

2. Planning

•After you have known that what your goal is then to start planning. And you need to decide whether you need to invest a lump sum amount (large amount) or by SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

•There is a misunderstanding among the people that while investing or trading you need a huge amount of money. They say that you would be needing 1 lakh or more to invest in the stock market. But it’s all myth.

•Now start allocating say 10-20% of your income. And the rest can be used for daily necessities and requirements.

3. Start Reading some books related to investing, stock market& trading

There are a couple of books related to trading in the stock market you should start reading it, some of them are listed below :

(i) The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

(ii) One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch

(iii) Common Stock And Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher

(iii) The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai

And many more books are there related to investment or trading that you can read to increase your knowledge.

4.Broker of Stock

There is basically two types of broker online.some of which good for investors and some for day to day trading.

They are as follow:-

Full – Service Broker

Discount service broker

Full-Service Broker: The broker is a financially licensed dealer who provides many services to its client. They will advise you and offer support and interaction in doing trade in stock, making a portfolio, financial planning, etc. This broker charge commission on each share purchased by the buyer.

Discount Service Broker:This are the type of broker who just provides you the facility of trading they won’t give you advice like a full-service broker. Here you have found which kind of share you want to invest in. The discount service broker is more preferable. There are many sites of discount broker one them is Zerodha.

5. Research

You should then start researching about the company around you whom you should invest or trade-in.

you can start digging in the company of the things which you use in your day to day life. For example, if you are using a two-wheeler vehicle (bullet), then start searching for its parent company i.e. Royal Enfield. And just simply Google out about its share, You can do it, right?

For beginners you should start trading in a blue-chip, yes bank, tata motors & many more these are the stock of the company who is running for a very long time and gives good returns. For example, Larsen and turbo is the best example for a long time running a construction company.

A piece of advice doesn’t blindly follow the crowd it may result in loss.

You can even keep a track of your share, by using any platform to check your share status, and frequently buy or sells of share from anywhere. Even now you may find many apps which keeps a track of your share. Always trade or invest in that shares only in which you have complete knowledge about & you understand it clearly and thoroughly.   

So these were some tips regarding how to do trading in the stock market. There are many more tips that you will come to know when you start investing in shares.

#6. Instagram-source of online income

Another trendy platform to earn money online is through Instagram.
However, People are not fully aware of different ways to earn money online from Instagram. Meanwhile, It is the easiest way in comparison to all of the above we’ve discussed.
Apart from sharing posts, liking other’s post, and read notification, you can also use it as an earning source. All you need to think about how you can use this platform as a source of income for you?

I guess now everyone eagerly wants to know how Instagram can make money?
So, let’s just get begin how Instagram actually makes $200 to $10,000 per month. Making money on Instagram seems a little difficult if you don’t have several followers&great engagements. Meanwhile, Instagram is the only social networking site that doubles its users in just a few years. you can easily see in the below graph that how Instagram became in the limelight.


So, to grow your business or to earn money, Instagram followers play a vital role. The more followers you’ve, the more earning you get as well.

How to earn money from Instagram?

Though I’ve stated above, all you need is more followers on your Instagram account, half of the work is done.
Well, there are too many ways of how to make money through Instagram?
Let me explain to you the easiest one which gives higher earning.

•Become an affiliate and earn money by selling other products.
To become an affiliate, all you require is authentic and active Instagram followers(10,000 at least).
Many companies or brand throughout the world uses authentic Instagram accounts to promote their product. one can become an affiliate for different brands and receive profit on what they sell. Try to make a more and more engaging post in order to attract your audience and to convince them to buy that particular product.

•Become an Influencer and earn money from sponsors.
It is a very common and convenient way to monetize your Instagram account. An Influencer is a person who has made his status by doing and sharing things online.
In order to earn,brands used to pay them to do publicity of their product in the form of post or story.
However, they have huge followers so can easily influence their users to buy that particular product. An influencer can easily make $10-$10,000 per month.

extra tip: Don’t lose the trust of your users in the way of making money from sponsored posts always research your product before promoting it because they buy products on the trust of your words, not from the brands.

•Earn money by promoting your own e-commerce product
If you have an e-commerce store, why not promote its product on Instagram?
It is a great way to create awareness of the products you’re selling.
Try to make your Instagram account full of alluring pictures of your product, users won’t look twice if your feed is full of low-quality pictures of products. They may think your product is also of bad quality.
Basically, invest in a good camera.
Once when you build trust & a good relationship with your audience, naturally your sales will likely increase from Instagram traffic and you’re earning too.

#7. Create your channel & become a YouTuber

Youtube is another trendy platform that has made it possible for people to earn money online. Every day 5 billion videos are watches throughout the world. To be honest, being a YouTuber is one of the best ways to earn money.

According to the recent stats usually, people watch more videos on YouTube than searches on Google, and yes, 1.9 billion users logging on YouTube every month.

The most-paid YouTuber Ryan (7 years old) made $22 million through youtube channel in 2018. So, of course, anyone can earn from it. All you need is talent in your core field to attract users. However, youtube channel can be of anything like educational, travel trips, product review, comedy & many more.

Look at youtube as a crucial revenue source and become a successful YouTuber. It’s a smart move to earn money through youtube monetization until and unless you have quality videos, descent subscribers base & views.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel Is a simple and quick process.

All you need a google account to set up your YouTube channel. However, you can make channels either for personal or business purposes.

channel should focus on a single niche so create the one you’re passionate about. Go on filling the details, add channel artwork, and make it discoverable for your audience.

here you go, it’s time to start adding quality content & be consistent with your videos to build a faithful audience.

once you’ve reach at least 1000 subscribers & 4000 public watch hours per year, then you can officially monetize your channel handsomely.

Now, you all really curious to know how it makes money. So without taking more time let’s just move quickly to it.

How to monetise your YouTube channel?

Here’s how you can actually make money with YouTube

UtiliZe the YouTube partner program- to earn directly from YouTube, you should partner with the YouTube. Once it’s done, there are numerous ways to earn. Being a partner you can earn money through ads& membership perks.

Apply for google AdSense- when you approved as a partner, you need to connect your channel to Google AdSense.

Generally, you’ll get paid based on the number of impressions your videos reach; that’s when someone bangs on or watches an ad.

Make use of product placement and video sponsorships-Everyone knows YouTube is a great platform for business. Though many companies use it smartly by offering you product placement deals in exchange for a shout out. if they’re interested in your audience might sponsor your videos. You’ll likely get paid on a per-sale basis.

•Sell your product or services to your audience-If you have a business or can offer service that’s suited your audience, let them aware of it by providing links in your videos. Though, this can also an effective way to earn from YouTube.

•Getting paid through YouTube premium revenue-You don’t need to do any extra efforts to earn from this. If a viewer subscribed as a YouTube premium and watches your videos. Then automatically you’ll get some part of the fee they paid for registering on YouTube premium.

Use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog or website-If you have an e-commerce website, then you must really in need to generate traffic. Fortunately, you can use your YouTube channel to boost your website. In order to do this, put your website link in your video description which can easily transfer your YouTube audience to the website.


if you want to know how to create a YouTube channel then, check this

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