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Well, let me guess…you’re curious to know the answer to the question:How To Gain more likes on Facebook?

However, it’s not only you, everyone who uses Facebook to grow their business ask themselves the same question.

You know what, 99% of businesses with an online existence, it really makes sense for them to get as many likes and shares as possible.

Now you must be thinking how?

Every time when any Facebook user shares and likes your content, then that content is also available to all the user’s friend which ultimately give you more reach, traffic, more engagement, and eventually customers.

No doubt, it’s quite bad for your business to ignore the fact that Facebook has more than 2 billion users.. just imagine if only 1% of traffic comes out of it, then what happens?

your bank account and business reach explode, hopefully.

Well, advice for you all-just don’t focus on the quantity of Facebook likes.. as quality matters. Always attract the right audience and engage them to grow your business online presence.

If you search this term on google “ How to increase more Facebook likes”, then you’ll ultimately get around more than 3 billion results.

Yes, you heard it right! There’s a lot of guidance out there for you.

Don’t worry! I’ve got you the best Unheard Strategies that actually works. It’s only that you’re wondering for, the ultimate strategy to get more Facebook likes for the business page without spending a penny. Read on!

9 best ways to get more likes on Facebook

So, Are you ready to use these effective strategies for your Facebook Business page? As the more Facebook likes you’ve, the more popular your brand will be. Now Let’s dive into these strategies!

Get More Likes On Facebook Strategy#1 Craft an effective & informative Facebook page.

It’s obvious, but sometimes the most important point can be ignored easily. If you actually want to gain Facebook likes, you’ve to create an effective & informative Facebook page.

Think about it, When someone comes to your Facebook page, then there must be a reason to stay…right?

Facebook business page consists of many parts, make sure they all are perfectly completed and sounds professional. Here are some important elements to consider.

Utilize all components of about section
gain more llikes on Facebook

The about section of your Facebook business page allows you to add all the necessary information regarding your business or brand.

When you’re handling a Facebook business page, make sure all information your provided is accurate and up-to-date.

In about section, you can add your contact information, date when your business was established, link to your website, your brand overview (what it offers).

All of this information will engage visitors to stay and helps them to understand your business better. Also, this information convince them that your page is worthy of like. Not only this it may also help you to appears in search engines which ultimately get you more likes on Facebook.

Choose the enticing profile and cover photo.

Your profile and cover photo gives the first impression of your brand on Facebook, so it’s important to craft it wisely.

Well, as for the profile photo of your Facebook page, your brand logo is the best choice. However, for the cover image, you must need to be quite creative.

As I said your cover & profile photo is the first thing that gets seen when someone directed to your Facebook page. That’s why it’s necessary to craft an engaging & attractive cover photo.

Think for a while, how you can convey what your brand or business is all about in one enticing image. It can be a great looking product or a photo of your business team. Make sure whatever you select, it helps potential followers to understand about your business through this one compelling image.

Get More Likes On Facebook Strategy#2 Post engaging & finest content.

The best way to increase Facebook likes is by delivering content that is helpful, engaging & of high quality.

Well, honestly people like the content which is short, include an eye-catching image. Even Facebook also recommends you the same to share.

Here are a few tips to use while crafting a post. These strategies will surely help you to create a post that compels users to click, comment, and share.

  • Use eye-catching images and videos.

Images are the most shared piece of content on every social media platform. So it is a must to use eye-catching images in your post to get more likes on Facebook.

Usually, I found marketers, who are so clever with the words but only focusing on text-post doesn’t seem to generate more engagement as well as likes to them.

So it’s quite necessary to Add eye-catching images or videos to your Facebook post, eventually get you more likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.

when people share your post then ultimately it will reach a wider audience that gives you a chance of new viewers liking your business page.

  • Write compelling headlines

You know what a great headline is the key to grab the attention of the users. I recommend you to use these few tips for creating a compelling headline:

-> Your headline should be full of information.

-> It should be crystal clear and accurate

-> It must show what your entire post contains

  • Don’t sound too promotional

No doubt marketers are using Facebook to promote their brand or business. Meanwhile, people who use Facebook want their feeds full of informative and entertaining post. In a survey, we found that users of Facebook do not like the post which directly states them to buy a product or a service without offering any information or values regarding that.

Basically, post which is crafted for sale pitches and does not include valuable content are less likely to generate likes on Facebook from the people who see them. Even the Facebook also limit the organic reach for these kinds of post.

  • Keep it short

According to many studies done by Salesforce, posts that are short get 20% higher engagement than longer ones. Post with compelling headlines and contains not more than 100 characters are quicker to read and more likely to share and get likes. That at last increase your Facebook page reach, engagement and likes too.

So use a good rule of thumb while crafting posts for your Facebook page, the shorter is always the better.

Strategy#3 Post consistently and at the best times.

Facebook recommends you be consistent in whatever you offer. If you want more engagement or likes on your Facebook page then try to post at least once a day.

So start crafting a content calendar in advance and also schedule posts to be organized and consistent on Facebook.

Well, this is not enough!

According to social media marketers, specialists posting at the right times also get you more likes on Facebook and engagement.

Usually, most of the people do jobs and are already stuck in their busy schedules.
But on weekends, they might get a little time to spend on Facebook.

Also, people are happiest on weekends as they’ve got relief from their hectic schedules, which ultimately get you more likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook post.

However, you also need to take care of the likes you’re getting from. Suppose if 90% of your Facebook page community is from the US, then posting at 3 am EST doesn’t generate you high engagement rates.

That is why you’ll need to do your own research to determine the best time to post on your Facebook page. As the right time to post on Facebook depends on the type of business or followers you’ve.

And yes, make sure your posting schedule remains consistent! As you’ll only get more likes on Facebook when you’re active and maintain an ongoing presence.

Get More likes on Facebook Strategy#4 Invite your existing community to like your page.

I know nobody starts from zero, you already have an existing community or friends/ family who must be willing to connect with your Facebook business page. Luckily they all are within your reach- your employees, current customers, business partners, family, and friends.

Meanwhile, Getting likes or shares from your existing community or friends is the best way to improve your organic reach. As the more likes your Facebook page has, the more credibility your brand owns.

Then, what are you waiting for?

As an admin, Facebook has given you the invite button to invite your existing community or friends, which ultimately directed them to your page. Or you can broadcast an email that contains a direct link to your Facebook page and add a short polite request too.

So, Just start encouraging them to like your Facebook page and also to write a positive review about your business or brand. Make sure you’re not building uninterested connections, it might decrease your engagement rates later.

In addition to this, you can also make a polite request to all your existing community/friends to invite their own friends to like your business page.

Even you can also encourage them to like and share your individual posts. That will ultimately increase your page exposure and leads you, new followers, to like your business page.

These tactics surely get you a quick boost and also more likes on the Facebook page.

Get More Likes On Facebook Strategy#5 Take advantage of Facebook “hidden” invite button.

Facebook’s hidden Invite button doesn’t seem to be available on every Facebook user’s account. It might be there or not.

However, with this feature, you’re not only limited to invite your friends. It is completely different from which we’ve discussed in the above point (Invite friends to like your Facebook page)

With this option, you can reach to a wider audience who have not discovered or liked your Facebook page yet.

Yes, you heard it right! This will surely get you more likes on Facebook.

To find out whether your Facebook page has access to this hidden invite button or not. Follow these simple steps;

Open your Facebook page -> find out the post who yields higher engagement -> click on the line list of people who reacted to your post.

more likes on Facebook

There you’ll see the hidden invite button which you’ve not seen before. By clicking on this “invite button” you’re able to invite all these people to like your Facebook page who are already engaged with your organic post.

However, people will definitely like your Facebook page, if they’ve engaged with it already.

Well, unfortunately, Facebook has set a limit to invite 500- 1000 people per day. But doesn’t matter as it increase your page’s audience with less effort.

So yes! This is a kind of good strategy to gain more Facebook likes. It’s Targeted, free, quick, and also works. Go for it!

Gain More Facebook likes Strategy#6 encourage comments on other pages.

As we know Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so being social and engaged with other businesses/brands that are quite relevant to your niche is not a bad idea though.

A simple comment on other’s competitor’s Facebook posts can help you to gain more exposure to your page.

Yes, That’s true!

Commenting on other pages that are relevant to your niche builds relationships and connections too.

Also interacting with other pages can ultimately grow your brand’s online presence. If you like someone to post, then there might be a chance that they’ll also check out your content and give a like to your Facebook page.

So, just start finding a post that has higher engagement on other pages (specifically niche-based) and write comments on their content to leave a spark of your presence. Make sure your comment sounds genuine not too promotional.

If you perfectly use these tactics, it can surely draw user’s attention towards your page which eventually leads you to more likes on Facebook.

Get More likes on Facebook Strategy#7 promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms.

Once you’ve created great content on your Facebook page, make sure everybody knows its existence. In simple words, promote your Facebook page on every social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, youtube, and even on your website too.

Yes! Don’t forget the power of other social media networks. They will be extremely helpful to get you more likes on the Facebook page.

Well for the website, you can use Facebook’s page plugin or add an exit popup on your website to encourage people to like your page.

Meanwhile, Instagram is one of the best platforms to get higher engagements… so just start pumping out about your brand’s Facebook page there.

Add a link to your Facebook page on every social media business account. Also, post occasionally about your Fb page to all the other networks and encourage your followers to like your page. Make sure to make a one-click process to get people to your Facebook page.

Strategy#8 Run contest.

According to some social media marketers specialists, interactive and funny contest is the best way to grab user’s attention towards your page.

These contest and promotion schemes create higher engagement, gain more likes, and also get more people to your page. These are the proven strategies which are used by most of the successful companies.

The all-time popular liking a post, photo contest or caption contest can easily get you as many likes as you want.

While running a contest, your page has a great chance to expose to a wider new audience. you can also run your own contest, like ask people to post your brand’s content or products of your brand on their timeline and also ask them to tag you will eventually get you more likes on your page.

In addition to this, you can also offer a prize to the winner of the contest.
Remember the bigger the prize, the more excitement it creates among people to take part in your contest.

The lure of the big prize results in, more shares, more reach, more fans, and of course get you more likes on the Facebook page.

Get More Facebook likes Strategy#9 join Facebook groups.

get likes on Facebook

Facebook groups are a great place to gain exposure on your page. It brings all the individual together who has a common interest. There you’ll find people who are so passionate about their niche and even offers you a tonne of opportunities to grow your Facebook page.

Meanwhile, these groups have a wider audience and can easily share your Facebook page with a lot of users which eventually increases your likes on Facebook. By joining Facebook groups you;

  • Will have new customers and partners.
  • Can reach out to your target audience for free.
  • Can promote your content or products.
  • Will Get many followers and likes.
  • Can increase your brand visibility.

So reach out to many famous and helpful groups as much you can (relevant on your niche or type of business). Try to contact the group admins and ask them to share your page with all the members of the group.

Make sure your content is relevant to the group and offers values. Remember that Facebook groups don’t encourage too many promotions like just adding links to your website, promoting your products and services only. They offer high values to the participants so hold off on promotion, first build Group’s trust and share engaging content then you’ll get a lot of benefits.

Tech convent has tried to give you all the best strategies for gaining as many Facebook likes as possible. Don’t try to use all of them at once, use few strategies at a time, and observe the results. I hope you’ve found our article valuable and helpful! If you have any other ideas on how to get more likes on Facebook? Please share it with us too through the comment section.
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