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HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC? – 7 killer ways for 2020

Wondering  for the best ways to increase your blog traffic?

Well honestly, if you’re new to the blogging world and looking for killer ways to increase blog traffic. Then buddy you’re are at the right place.


Once you decided to start a blog and initiate writing valuable content every day for your audience. Despite publishing with consistency and following best blogging practices, yet you found your traffic doesn’t seem to increase.


That’s quite common!


Yes, I’ve seen so many bloggers struggling to increase blog traffic. They usually get frustrated with low blog traffic and give up on blogging when they can’t find any outcome.

It’s the time when bloggers wondered, Are they wasting their time? Does blogging actually work? 


Don’t worry! 


Blogging works but it takes time and the right strategy. I’ve an easy and free solution to your problem. 


In this article, you’re going to learn the best strategies that surely help you to increase your blog traffic fast.

Luckily, generating traffic to your blog is quite easier than you think. you just need to strategically use the best techniques.


So without further ado, lets dive on to 7 best ways to increase your blog traffic.


1. Plan a high-quality content strategy.


2. Focus on SEO.

3. Start building backlinks.

4. Guest posting on other websites.

5. Optimize website speed to load your webpage quickly.

6. Grow an email list right away.

7. Use social media for free traffic.

#1. Plan a high-quality content strategy.

increase your blog traffic

Thought of traffic generation always starts when you urge to plan content. Planning a high-quality content with some strategies in mind can naturally increase blog traffic.

Below I’ve listed the most essential elements which are necessary while planning a content.


  • Topic selection


Think for a while if you decide to write a topic that nobody is particularly interested in, you’re naturally going to do struggle to drive traffic to your blog. No matter how great your content is.

However, reading a lot of other blogs and forums can be a great way to know about trend. I recommend a bunch of tools that will help you to decide the trendy topics. They are; Google trends, buzz sumo, and SEMrush.


Always remember your targeted audience while deciding the topic because only for them you’re writing.


  • Keyword research, to plan your content strategy


keyword research is found to be the best technique used by professional bloggers and SEO experts. It helps you to identify specific words and sentences that readers type in search engines.

If you really want to increase your blog’s traffic, keyword research has to be a part of your strategy. By doing proper keyword research, you can;


1.      Discover search terms users are looking for.

2.      Create high-quality content to drive traffic to your blog.

3.      Learn from your rivals and beat them with better content.


Luckily, there are lots of free and paid tools that can help you to do proper keyword research. You can use them to drive more traffic to your blog such as google keyword planner, Google trends, & Uber suggest for free.

Bonus advise- always target long-tail keyword, they are easy to rank in search engines. Once you’ve done with keyword research, you should ensure that your focus keywords feature in all the right places in your blog post- its title, meta description, URL, headers, subheadings, and throughout the body.

  • Pick a content type and add value to it


According to study by buzz sumo, infographics and list post content receives more shares and engagement than any other content typeSo don’t just stick to how-to articles try others too. Well, now when you’ve decided the content type its high time to add values to it.


Think about how you can separate your content from others. Find a unique angle, add more details, including more depth & most importantly improve readability while representing your content. 

#2. Focus on SEO to increase your blog traffic organically.

Search engines bring massive opportunities, It drives completely free, compounding, and long-lasting traffic to your website or blog.


 However, SEO takes time so if you’re optimizing it from the start, you’ll get organic traffic soon.


SEO can make your blog or website more search friendly and helps you to move up in search rankings. Well, Some posts may rank quickly or some may take time.


 But Don’t lose hope! be patient and keep working hard, it will pay off.


Here I’ve listed the best ways to optimize your blog post for SEO.


  • Use keywords but don’t overuse unnecessarily

 For SEO, keywords is one of the most crucial piece. Using the right ones in the right places across your article can drive more traffic to your blog.


Let’s understand this with an example suppose you’re creating a blog post about “how to increase your blog traffic fast”. You’ll Use specific keywords on your blog post such as “increase blog traffic” or maybe “increase your blog’s traffic. Now you may include them in the title and all the right places throughout your blog.


So when people search for “how to build blog traffic” your post may appear in top google pages with those relevant keywords. Remember never overuse keywords, Google may consider your blog or website spam.


  • Provide high-quality content


The content you provide should have great quality. Search engines often like original, unique, and relevant content. It should be helpful to your audience and full of essential information. Readers will mostly like to stay on your site if it adds value to their lives.


  •  Post consistently


Posting fresh content regularly often rank your website higher compared to those that do not. so if you’re keen to get more traffic then be consistent!


#3. Start building backlinks to increase your blog traffic.

increase your blog traffic

The other common name for Backlinks are incoming links. It gives signals to Google about the quality of your blog or website and can drive traffic to your blog fast.


Meanwhile, it builds relationships with other influencers and bloggers. Well, honestly It’s harder to get but are absolutely gold for your website.


The more backlinks a blog or website has, the greater chance that Google thinks it contains essential information and will make it be found on the front pages of Google.


Basically in easy word backlink will help you to rank on google and ultimately with organic traffic to your website or blog.


As I said getting backlinks from reputable websites tends to be difficult. Not only for beginners, even experienced bloggers struggle with it.

Here I’ve listed some ways  to get quality backlinks to your website:

  • Reach out to reputable websites in your industry, and tell them about the specific high-quality content on your website that they might want to link.
  • Write guest posts on other blogs or reputable websites. It is my favorite link building strategy.
  • Try to post informative and unique content that naturally gets backlink to your blog.
  • Have you heard about HARO? Maybe you missed out, HARO stands for help a reporter out. It is a great place to get some quality backlinks to your website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So from now start generating backlinks to boost your blog traffic.

#4. Do guest posting on other websites.

Firstly, let me define“guest posting.” It means writing and publishing content on some other reputable websites or blogs that accept guest posts.


Guest blogging is one of the most recommended ways to increase your blog traffic. Yes, using this campaign for generating traffic can be a good strategy for your blog’s future.


According to professional bloggers, when it comes to SEO, guest blogging on other websites is more valuable than creating content on your own sites. ( until you get the backlink).


However, Guest blogging not only helps you to gain traffic but also helps you to earn backlinks for your website. Initially, you’re not going to get floods of traffic. But, what matters is it can build your online presence and pay off in long terms.

Why guest posting is a key strategy to drive traffic to your blog?

  •           Guest blogging can bring you more different targeted visitors to your blog or website.
  •         It builds relationships with other bloggers.
  •          Guest posting is a great strategy for search engines, It increase online visibility of your website.
  •          It will introduce you to establish a blogging community and to new people.

         Above I shared how guest posting is deemed to be a useful strategy to boost your blog traffic. Now it’s your turn to put some effort into it.

Bonus Advice- here are some blogging websites that you Could try for guest posting such as Blog dash, Blogger linkup, and My Guest Post.

#5. Optimize website speed to load your webpage quickly.

increase your blog traffic

 In this technology era, no one is going to wait around your blog to load. If your webpage doesn’t load quickly, then visitors can simply hit the back button and move on to some other google listing. It may eventually have the worst impact on your blog’s traffic.


Slow loading times tend to cause a huge drop in both conversions and traffic.Meanwhile, search engines like google often consider page load time as one of the crucial factors in ranking. So it is necessary to improve page speed for more traffic and conversions.

You know what A-one second delay in page load time can;

  • Decrease 16% visitors satisfaction       
  • Loss in conversions by 7%     
  • Decrease 11% page views   

If you still keep on ignoring your page load time, then you’re basically cutting your traffic potential.


To make sure that your website or blog loads quickly, you must optimize your WordPress performance. In simple words, you need to use caching, avoid bloats & most importantly optimize your images and videos.


Here I recommend you two essential tools to improve page load times.


  •  PageSpeed Insights by Google

The beauty of this tool is it not only gives you your website speed score but also give you step by step procedure to improve it.

 The Google page speed tool also shows how long a visitor has to wait to see the content of the page. Meanwhile, PSI reports on the performance of both mobile and desktop. And good thing about google page speed is it’s completely free.


  •          Pingdom tool

Pingdom is a great starting point for those, who want to make their website load time faster. It is quite similar to google’s tool and can provide a lot of insight on how you can improve your site speed load time

#6. Grow an Email list right away to increase your blog traffic.

increase your blog traffic

Email marketing is one of the most highly effective marketing tools available to increase your blog traffic.


I’ve seen many beginners spend most of the time in bringing new visitors to their website. However, 70% of those new visitors will never return to their website.


The trick to drive more traffic to your blog is not only just focus on getting new visitors, but also need to keep the existing ones coming back.

Here the question arises how do you make sure that visitors return to your website?

Well, it’s not hard to do, you can ask them to subscribe to your blog. Visitors can subscribe to your all social media networks. However some social networks deliberately limit your reach, and because of that, your visitors can see some of your content.


This is why building your email list is important. The best thing about it “no one can limit your reach”, you can easily land to your user’s inboxes.


Hurry up! start collecting the email address of everyone whoever visits your blog.


According to Derek Halpern- founder of social triggers, “if you’re not building your email list, you’re making a huge mistake.


So, It’s quite true your email subscriber is a great source for traffic generation. Once you have grown your email list, you can notify users about your new post via e-newsletter.


Now, Start implementing this strategy as it is found to be a good trick to drive more traffic to your blog.

Pro tip- If you’re wondering for a professional email marketing service to start with, then constant contact gives you a better solution. The good thing about it, they offer a 30-day free trial. It immensely helps you to manage your growing email list

#7. Use social media for free traffic.

increase your blog traffic

Have you ever thought that our readers might be fully active on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter?


Well, why not as social media is completely free.


And of course one of the most popular way to increase your blog’s traffic.


Promoting your content is also as important as creating and publishing it. So that it gets noticed among people.


As I said it’s free to participate in.


Then you can easily share your blog post to all the social media networks you’re connected with. It can be Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


From my personal experience, I found platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, a great source to get a tonne of traffic to my blog.


  •  Facebook

It is obviously one of the prominent social media channels by far. Through Facebook, you can get so much valuable information and support from other bloggers for free.


There are many Facebook Groups available that have daily threads where you can share your blog and promote it.


being connected with Facebook groups is a great way to meet professional bloggers.


Apart from this, you can drive more traffic to your blog with paid campaigns like Facebook Ads.


  • Pinterest

 Pinterest is a kind of gold mine for bloggers. To be very honest the majority of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. It is not only a social media platform but also a search engine just like google.


According to stats, there are over 250 million monthly Pinterest users. So, start using Pinterest as a marketing platform and pin often to grow your blog traffic.


Just like Facebook groups, Pinterest also has several group boards.


After being on it, what I noticed “sharing my own pins to other group board get more engagement than sharing it to my own boards.”


Over to you
I hope this post is really informative for you and shown the best killer ways to increase blog traffic. Feel free to leave any queries or some other tips in the comments section.

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