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If you’re a beginner in blogging and looking for simple step by step guide to learn how to start a blog in 2020. So that you can grow viewers and make money through it, then buddy you’re at the right place.

I’ve been with a lot of experience in blogging and I’m here to convey you the easiest way to start a blog.

Before we jump into those simple step by step beginners guide on “how to start a blog?” let’s talk about a few basic questions that used to bounce around every beginner’s head.

Don’t worry at all- that’s pretty ordinary!

  • How much time does it take to start a blog?

While it’s up to you, the sooner you select the blog’s niche, the sooner you can start a blog. Once when you come to know what you want to blog about, then you can tap out the technical process of starting a blog in just 25-30 minutes. Yes, It’s quite an easiest and fastest process than you ever think.

  • Do I need to have any technical experience to start a blog?

Not at all, If you’re comfortable using a laptop & browsing the Internet, you may not found any trouble in starting your blog. No requirement of special skills!

  • Can I start a blog for free?

Yes of course! You can start a blog for free, however, choosing the free options might come with a lot of risks and limitations.

Let’s take an example to make it understand. Free blogging platform doesn’t have customer support, what if you have an inquiry or suffering from technical issues. Who will solve it think about it? My advice is to go with a premium blogging site when you want to start a blog to make money.

How to start a blog in 8 simple steps?

#1 Decide your blog’s niche.
#2 Select a good domain name for  your blog.
#3 Find the best web hosting company & register your domain.
#4 Install WordPress as your blogging platform.
#5 Set up your blog’s theme.
#6 Install best WordPress plugins for your blog.
#7 Create content for your blog and publish.
# 8 Promote your blog.

In just 8 steps and less than 20-30 minutes, your blog will be found running. To make it successful and money-making, All you need is a commitment. However starting a blog is easy but running it would’ve been in needs of time, devotion, and efforts as well!

I hope you are ready to give it!

Now, let’s get bang on to the ultimate step by step beginners guide on” how to start a blog”

How to start a blog #1. Decide your blog’s niche

how to start a blog

When you want to start a new blog, the most common question bounced in your head is “what should be my niche?”

You all know that a blog needs a niche-whether it’s technical, cooking, lifestyle, or marketing. There are literally an endless amount of topics to blog about. But the question arises Does every niche makes money?

I hope it does! Mostly professional bloggers suggest that “good niche is be like whom one is passionate about”  that maintain consistency and making money blogging.

But, Do these tactics really work?

Think about it, If you start a blog about your passion, skills & experience for years but, doesn’t making any money from it? What did you do in the end?

Quit of course! Here’s why 95% of blogs failed and ended. However, I’ve seen many new bloggers create content(to whom they’re passionate about)for years, but get burned out when they don’t see any outcome.

It is because they’ve forgotten major component of blogging “monetization” they start a blog with passion. but do not know simple digital marketing tactics to make it work. Basically, your ideal niche is somehow related to what you like, which generates traffic, and most importantly it has monetary value.

Here I come across with few tips you can use while deciding your blog’s niche.

• Based on your interest

 While it’s not enough at all to pick a blog’s niche simply considering market demand or monetary values, choose a blog’s niche you’re actually interested in and somehow enjoy writing about days after days or for years. Basically choosing a one you’re interested in will not likely diminish your interest over time.

• You’ve good knowledge of it

If you really want to start a successful blog, you need to have core knowledge of your blog’s niche so that you don’t spend hours researching while writing for your blog post.

• Paying audience

So, now you’ve got your blog niche, you’re interested and good knowledge about… but how you forget about the fact we’ve discussed so far “Is there any paying audience for this niche?”Meanwhile, it is more important to choose your blog’s niche wisely which makes you money in the end!

•Evergreen and trendy

Pick a blog’s niche that going to be around for years and years and trendy too. However, it’s stupidity to build a whole blog around something that crafted to be short-lived (like IPL 2019).

•High competition-

Obviously, a good niche is should be that which has high competition, which means your blog niche is searched by many! Meanwhile, other competitor’s bloggers can also become your collaborators to make your website discoverable.

How to start a blog #2. Select a good domain name for your blog

While in this step I’ve wasted much of my time. I searched on GoDaddy for months trying to find the best, captivating, niche-specific, short& easy to pronounce dot com domain name. However, this step is important, but apparently not as important as you think.

Here I come across with few tips on “how to find a perfect domain name?”

Use the right extension

According to research from domain name stats 43% of domains usually registered with .com extension, as it is easiest to remember and most trusted. My advice is to go with .com extension and avoid idle extensions like .name, .xyz, etc

Short is superior then long-

In general when we talk about the length of your domain, short is better. The most common name length used all over is Approximately 12 characters. So, Aim to find your domain name in between 6-14 characters to make it easy to remember.

Avoid unnecessary hyphens & numbers

Remember that your domain name must be easy to pronounce and type as well. Don’t make it more difficult by adding hyphens & numbers.

Keywords in the domain name

One of the smartest strategies one can use, to add keywords in the domain name. It plays a vital role to bring traffic to the website. however you can use tools like Google keywords planner to find the best keyword that represents your niche, website &content as a whole

Use your own name as a domain name

Mostly professional bloggers prefer to use their name for their blog. However, it is more flexible (you never run out of topic ideas) compared to the niche-specific domain name.

#3 Find the best web hosting company & register your domain

The further step in starting a blog is absolutely getting your blog online.

We all know that every website requires a web host provider to store their site on a server, no doubt without a web hosting account your blog won’t be seen on the internet. Meanwhile, The performance of your blog depends heavily on your web hosting, so choose the best one which is reliable and comes at an affordable price too! I personally use & recommend Bluehost.

It is one of the most established trusted companies in the blog hosting industry, which provides you high-speed server, 24/7 customer support, free SSL Certificate, high-end security measures, simple one-click install for WordPress, and many more. Now, follow this step by step guide to register your domain with a web hosting plan.

Step #1: Go on

Click on the “get started “button on the home page.

start a blog with bluehost
STARimages source Google |
Step #2: Select your web hosting plan

When you tap on the “get started” button, you’ll come on the next page where you can see 4 shared hosting plans.

choose your plan to start a blog
Choose Your Plan

so your next step is to choose your hosting plan. It includes basic, plus, choice plus, and pro.

Well, I personally recommend the Basic plan for all the new bloggers, or you can even go for the choice plus plan as it comes with domain security as well!

Step#3: write your blog’s domain name.

Once you choose the best hosting plan for your blog then you’ll get to a new page that will ask you to enter your blog’s domain name.

choose your domain name

However, If you’d chose your domain name already, then you can go on to add information here or If your suitable domain name isn’t available and you want more time to find the best one for your website then you can anyway sign up and choose your domain name later.

Step#4: Set up your Bluehost account.

This is the final step of the process, be careful while filling it!

account information
Account information

Here, you need to enter all the account information like your first name, last name, business, etc to create your Bluehost account. Make sure you’ve entered the correct details.

Step#5: Choose the suitable hosting package.

On this page, you’ll need to choose an account plan based on the different pricing scales.

package information
Package Information

Basically, it includes how long you want to opt for the plan or how much you’re willing to pay in advance. Bluehost offers four options for you to pay 12,24,36 or 60 months upfront.

Well, I recommend you to go for a “prime 36-month price” as it will provide you the lowest and cheapest possible price for your hosting.

Step#6: Make payment

As we’ve decided everything above now we can finally tap on payment option. Bluehost ask you to pay via credit card, pay with BillDesk or with pay pal. Pay through to whom you’re comfortable.

payment information
Payment option

That’s all for sign up!

Congratulations! You’re now signed up with Bluehost and even done with the first crucial step in learning how to start a blog.

Step#7: Create your password

To complete your blog hosting set up, you need to create a password. once you’ve done with this, congrats you’ve almost become a blogger!

#4 Install WordPress as your blogging platform

As Bluehost is the perfect choice for hosting your first ever blog, while WordPress will be your best blogging platform too.

Your blog platform is where you’ll be able to write, customize, optimize & publish your blog post.

Here the question arises why choose WordPress as your blogging platform when other several completely free platforms available?

WordPress is a free and user-friendly publishing platform that’s come around since 2003. It covers 60% of all the blogs globally on the internet and offers multiple free plugins & themes that modify your blog to make it money-making.

Let’s do it!

Bluehost provides one-click Install WordPress straight from your hosting dashboard.

Well, once you’ve done setting up your A/c password, you need to choose a desirable theme for your blog. Bluehost provides several attractive WordPress themes(completely free) to choose from for your blog.

select theme to start a blog
Theme options

However, If you’re not able to decide your desirable theme & want to choose it later, then you can skip this step for now and proceed further by clicking the “skip this step” option at the end of the page.

skip this step

Now, after clicking this, you’ll head to a new page where you’ll be asked to click on the “start building” option.

install wordpress  to start a blog

Next, they’ll ask you about what type of site you’re planning to create i.e business or personal, WordPress will help you in this process though, or else you can also click “I don’t need help” to go straight to your dashboard.

Congrats WordPress is installed, follow the further step!

#5 Set up your blog’s theme

In this step, WordPress allows you to pick a design (theme)for your blog. While WordPress themes are a collection of style sheet & templates which can enhance the appearance of your WordPress website.

Make sure it’s not necessary initially to spend money to install a paid theme when you can work with a free one. Choose the one which looks attractive, loads quickly & most importantly access information quickly and easily to readers.

Here’s how you can install a new theme for your WordPress blog

Firstly, you need to log your WordPress A/C  by entering essential credentials like username & password.

Once you logged in, It appears like this.

click on appearance

On your dashboard, see the sidebar menu then click on the “Appearance “ option from it.

Next, what you’ll do, select the Theme option appears at the top from the “appearance “ section.


After clicking the theme option, WordPress offers the “add new” button at the top of the page, click it now!

Click on all new

Now you can see below a lot of free themes to choose your desired one. If you’re confused after seeing many, you can also filter it out based on 3 categories:




Well If you’ve chosen a particular theme, you can go on click to the “Install button!”

Congratulations, your new desirable WordPress theme is installed.

#6 Install best WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress is a blogging platform that permits you to add thousands of plugins to your website. They come with multiple functions that allow you to learn how to start a blog  & make your blogger’s life easier. It can help you with everything from writing SEO  friendly content to backups.

Now Let’s be little descriptive about plugins.

What are plugins?

A plugin is a kind of software that can be installed on any WordPress website.It adds new features and even extend the functionality of your blog. Meanwhile, you can customize your website in an endless amount with WordPress plugins.

However, the only problem with plugins is that they are thousands in numbers, and if you install all of them, it can slow down your website. So, it’s best to keep fewer numbers of WordPress plugins.

Below, I’ve mention essential plugins you require, when you’re just starting a blog.

• Yoast Seo

As everyone knows how important SEO is in blogging. Well, Yoast is the best one to install for your blog.  Luckily, It’s completely free and helps you in many aspects from optimizing your blog post titles to content length and many other elements across your entire blog to make it search engine friendly.

• Google Analytics for WordPress

Analytics provides you with detailed traffic statistics of your blog and helps you to know which parts of your blog get the most targeted traffic and which parts should need to improve as well!

Basically, you get to know overall traffic, views per author & category, traffic source, etc. And of course, it’s 100% free, on a more advanced level it helps you with certain promotions strategies too.

• Wordfence Security

It keeps your blog safe from hackers and other exploits. So Wordfence security plugins are best to install to secure your website. Though it comes with the premium version as well the free version is fine too for most of the blog.

WP Rocket

It is the best to speed up your WordPress website, can improve SEO rankings & increase conversions. However, its wide range of options & automatic optimization features makes it beginners friendly.

#7 Create content for your blog and publish it

After completing all the techy work of your blog, its time to write your first blog post. Here, the fun begins! Well, it’s not mandatory to be a professional writer to learn how to start a blog. All you need to understand simple basic tactics to write for the web. For example short paragraphs, use of subheadings, bullet points, and attractive images to break the long paragraphs.

Well, let me tell you a simple secret of viral content!write about useful & helpful things that people want and share as well. However, the content creation process begins when you’ve done the keywords research.

For every blog post, you write, make sure you hit all the below points.

1• Look for the trendy topic ideas from BuzzSumo, other competitors websites, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest & on Google, of course, to figure out what type of content works well.

2• Spend time on researching your blog’s title, remember strong, unique, and interesting content will bring you readers and help you to make money blogging.

3• Do smart & effective keywords research in order to generate the right blog post Ideas that’ll eventually bring traffic to your website. I’ll suggest Ubersuggest, ahrefs, or  SEMRUSH.

4• Try to use the main targeted keyword in your blog’s: permanent URL, blog title, first or second paragraph, and even to your meta description.

5• Write your content in a way that connects the audience, use attractive images which gradually helps you to connect with more readers!

6• Remember that a catchy introduction convinces readers that your new post is worth their time. Always make it captivating.

7• Make sure to write your content with a clear beginning, middle, and end structure as it should add values to reader’s lives.

8• Double check for grammatical errors. I personally use Grammarly to rectify all!

9• Never ever make your content commercial focused, be careful too many ads will irritate readers. Make it SEO friendly!

Check this beginner’s guide to write SEO friendly blog

Well, when you’re learning how to start a blog naturally you’ll come across different content Strategies however, the above guide covered the basics only!

I hope Now you’re ready  to write your first blog post

Once you’ve decided what to write for your first blog post, Here’s a complete guide you can follow to write your first blog.

Tap on the “posts” option in the left sidebar from your dashboard.

Click on post

After this, click on the  “Add new” section from your WordPress dashboard.

click on add new

Next, you’ll be directed to the editor page, where you can start writing for your first blog post.

how to start a blog

Once you’ve written your first blog post (1000+ words), Before hitting the publish button. Take a few minutes to double-check it on the YOAST SEO plugin. It will ensure whether your first blog post is SEO friendly or not.

After you get all the green signals from YOAST you’re almost done to hit the publish button.

SEO friendly

Hit it! Congratulations you’ve published your first blog post!

#8 Promote your blog

start promotion

Have you ever think about, what else you need to do once you’ve hit the publish button on your first blog post?
The answer of course promotion of your blog content.
Promote it well, as there is no point to write the best content if no one reads it.
So, spend more and more time promoting your content that’ll makes your blog a successful one.

Here I have listed a few ways to start sharing your post with new readers.

● Use social media to promote your blog

it’s obvious your first place to promote your blog is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube & Tik-Tok are huge platforms to grow the audience. Choose the one whichever platform suits your niche and targeted audience.

● Guest blogging

It is one of the best ways to connect with new Audience, guest blogging on other relevant sides like Quora & Reddit will be the single best strategy one can use for promoting your new post.

• Reach out to other bloggers

You can send personalized emails to other bloggers or websites to promote your blog as well.

● Use an Email newsletter to grow your audience

It is the most powerful way one can use to keep their readers engaged and enthusiastic about the work you’re doing. however, Email newsletters are a very common type of email in email marketing which has one main aim, to keep the audience engaged. well, you can register with SendPulse for sending email newsletters for completely free.

Congratulations! You’re all set to make your blog a profitable one, I’ve covered almost things you need to know to start your blog. Now it’s your turn to make it money-making blogging, All you need is mastery in SEO, consistency, dedication, and lots of hard work.
best of luck!

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